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Which wrinkle treatment?

Wrinkle treatment is possible for many forms: small wrinkles, large wrinkles, superficial wrinkles and deep wrinkles. The place where they occur is always different: on the forehead between the eyebrows, next to the eyes (crow’s feet), between nose and mouth (nasal lip fold) and around the mouth (the vertical folds).
All these wrinkles can be reduced to two types:

Wrinkles generated by muscle activity (especially around the eyes and the forehead).

These are best treated by injecting a muscle relaxant, the botulinum toxin (Botox or Vistabel or Bocouture)

Wrinkles formed by skin relaxation

can be most effectively reduced by applying a filler.
For treating wrinkles, it is possible to use different techniques depending on the location and depth of the wrinkles and folds and the goal to be achieved.

We distinguish the following possibilities:

Botulinum toxin

There are several brands of botulinum toxin, such as Botox® or Vistabel © or Bocouture®. This reduces the wrinkle because the muscles just below the skin, which cause the wrinkle, can not work as well. This makes the wrinkle no longer or less strongly drawn into the skin. You can imagine that after that the natural elasticity of the house will slowly smooth out the wrinkle. At a certain moment you notice that you can pull the wrinkle or crease back into the skin and that is the time for a repeat treatment. If you start in time you will prevent starting folds from becoming too deep and therefore more difficult to flatten. More information here.


Before after

A wrinkle can be filled by injecting a substance under the skin that causes the wrinkle to become less deep. We have the choice of substances that are broken down by the body within a few months (temporary fillers) and substances that are broken down very slowly (semipermanent fillers). Which filler gives you the best solution for a natural result is extensively discussed with you prior to the treatment. An overview of the injectables used by us can be found below.

There are various substances with which you can have your wrinkles treated and they are sorted by their properties.
For all fillers, you immediately see the result of the effect. However, you must bear in mind that during the first 24 hours there may be some extra swelling that gradually disappears.

Are you interested in general information about hyaluronic acid (the most used component in fillers such as Teosyal ©, Juvederm ©, Belotero ©, Restylane ©, Princess ©, Stylage ©, Glytone ©, Zyderm ©, Hylaform ©, Evolution © or Evolence ©) click than here.

Classification fillers by duration effect:

By clicking on the name of the substance in the text, you will receive more detailed information on a new page.

Short-term effect (less than 1 year)

products that give an effect up to 1 year are especially suitable for the sensitive areas of the face, such as the lips and the more superficial wrinkles.

Effect up to 6 months.

Technique: Stylage S®

Substances that give an effect of a few months are also generally a lot cheaper than longer-lasting products. For some this is a good argument to first have a substance with a short-term effect injected in order to be able to assess the result. If you are satisfied then you can proceed to a longer working substance next time. If you are not satisfied, you can be sure that after a few months your face will return to the situation as before the injections.

Effect up to 1 year

Technique: Belotero® or Teosyal®

The products from this group are especially suitable for parts of the face where a supple filler is required, such as in the lips, with the more superficial folds and possibly as a supplement to the Botox with a very deep frown wrinkle.

Semi-permanent effect (1 to 2 years)

Technique: Radiesse® / PRP® / Sculptra® / Juvéderm Voluma® / Belotero® Semipermanent fillers can be used in the same places as the permanent fillers can fill cheeks, reduce nasal lip fold, strengthen jaw line, but also make lips as a whole a fuller regard (only hyaluronic acids).

Permanent effect (longer than 2 years)

At this moment there is no more discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of permanent fillers. There is a clear agreement to reject the use of permanent resources and to replace them with semi-permanent fillers. This principle has been endorsed by our government (RIVM report) and taken over by our professional association, the NVCG. An advantage of using the semi-permanent fillers is that you can make corrections for each follow-up treatment based on what your face needs at that new moment. You can also continue to use the latest technology and materials.

Rimpelconsult Amsterdam has for these reasons since early 2006 decided not to work with permanent fillers anymore.