Which wrinkle treatment?

Wrinkle treatment helps reducing wrinkles in many forms: small wrinkles, large wrinkles, superficial wrinkles and deep wrinkles. The place where they occur is always different: on the forehead between the eyebrows, beside the eyes (crows feet), between nose and mouth (nasal-labial fold) and around the mouth (the vertical folds).

All of these wrinkles can be reduced to two types:

  1. Wrinkles that are generated by muscle activity (mainly around the eyes and the fore head).
    These are best treated  by injecting a muscle relaxant, the botulinum toxin (Botox or Vistabel)
  2. Wrinkles that are formed by skin laxity can be reduced most effectively by applying a filler.
    For treating wrinkles, it is possible to use various techniques, depending on the location of the wrinkles and folds and the objective to be achieved.

We distinguish thus:

Botulinum toxinwrinkle treatment botox box

We know several botulinum toxins like Botox® or Vistabel® or Bocouture®. These can reduce wrinkles because the muscles just under the skin which cause wrinkles, work less strongly. As a result the wrinkle gets less strongly pulled into the skin. You can imagine that the natural elasticity of the skin is capable to slowly flatten again the wrinkles. At some point you will notice that the wrinkles in the skin are coming back and that is the moment for a touch up appointment. If you start timely the treatments prevent the early forming of deep folds that will be more difficult to get flattened if you wait to long.


before                                                                   after
Lippen_voor Lippen_na

A wrinkle can be filled by injecting a substance under the skin thus causing the ripple to become less deep. We thereby have the choice of materials that will be broken down by your body within a few months (temporary fillers) and substances that are degraded only very slowly (semi-permanent fillers). Which filler is the best solution to you for a natural result will extensively be discussed with you prior to treatment. An overview of our injectables used bt Rimpelconsult you will find below.

On this page you will find various materials that you can have your wrinkles treated with, sorted by their properties.
All fillers will show instantly the results of the effect. However you should note that during the first 24 hours some additional swelling or redness may occur, which gradually will fade away.
Are you interested in general information on hyaluronic acid (the most commonly component in used fillers as Teosyal©, Juvederm©, Belotero©, Restylane©, Princess©, Stylage©, Glytone©, Zyderm©, Hylaform©, Evolution© or Evolence©) click here.

Breakdown of fillers by durability

By clicking on the name of the product detailed information will be presented on a separate page.

short-term effect (less than 1 year)

Substances which give effect to a maximum of 1 year are particularly suitable for the sensitive parts of the face, such as the lips and the more superficial wrinkles.

Effect of up to 6 months.

Technique:  Stylage-S®
Substances which give an effect of several months are generally cheaper than the longer-acting products. For some, that is a good argument to become familiar with the effects and feeling of the treatment. Because it has only a short term effect after injection you can thus easily assess the result. If you’re satisfied you can proceed to the next time and chode for a longer acting compound. Would you not be satisfied then you can be sure that after a few months your face will be back to the situation before the injections.

Effect up to 1 year

Technique: Belotero® or  Teosyal®  

The substances in this group are especially suitable for parts of the face where a flexible filler is required, such as in the lips, the more superficial wrinkles and possibly in addition to Botox in a very deep frown wrinkles.

semi-permanent effect (1 to 2 years)

Technique: Radiesse® / PRP® Sculptra® / Juvéderm Voluma®Belotero®

Semi permanent fillers can be applied in the same place as the nowadays obsolete permanent fillers so can fill cheeks, nasal labial fold reduction, strengthen jaw line, but also can give your lips a fuller respect as a whole (only hyaluronic acids).

permanent effect (more than 2 years)

Today there are no debates any more about the pros and cons of permanent fillers. There is a clear understanding now to reject the use of permanent fillers and to favour for semi-permanent fillers. This principle was also endorsed by our government (the issued RIVM-rapport is only in dutch) and our professional organisation NVCG. The advantage of using the semi-permanent fillers is that any supplementary therapy can make corrections based on what your face needs at that time. Also you can always continue to use the latest state of technology and materials.

Rimpelconsult Amsterdam already decided in early 2006 not to work with permanent fillers any more.