PDO thread lift

what is a thread lift?

PDO (the acronym stands for the chemical Poly-Di-Oxanon) threads are soluble sutures for decades used by surgeons. The thread lift with PDO (soluble sutures) treatment may be combined with a treatment with Botox or fillers. This allows an improvement in the skin structure that can be reached where the other treatments separately provide insufficient effect:

  • forehead Lift
  • brow Lift
  • tightening lower eyelids and crow’s feet
  • cheek and jaw line lift
  • reducing smoking lines
  • tightening neck
  • reduction of cleavage wrinkles
  • tightening of rear upper arms
thread lift lip

The PDO wires come in various shapes and sizes (smooth or ‘basics / monos’, twisted or “screws” or barbed called ‘barbs / cogs’) available. The plains you can very well use for stretching the fine lines under the eyes and crow’s feet, with the screws you get a stronger collagen stimulating effect, while with the barbs you can achieve a more lifting effect.

The wires, as like the sutures of the surgeon, are gradually degraded by the body. During this process, the body forms collagen which again leads to firming the skin: the skin is fuller and firmer and also ensures that the lift of the barbs gets “fixed” before the threads are resolved (which takes 6-7 months).



The effects of PDO threads will  be visible at first after 6-8 weeks and will last for 12-24 months, depending of your metabolism, lift style and condition of your skin. Sometimes a simple touch-up treatment can reinforce the improving effect in the period in between two complete sessions.


For an example video (with the courtesy of Jan Aghina and Dr Lukasz Preibish) of an eyebrow lift click on the image below. The treatment looks heavy, but is almost painless and without blood loss although the video suggests perhaps otherwise:

click image for video

thread lift forehead


Also look here for the general risks of cosmetic treatment.

If performed according to the professional standards there are no specific risks for the treatment.



PDO wires are not suitable for:

  • Patients who wish to have an excessive lift
  • Patients with excessive sagging skin
  • Patients with excessive loss of fatty tissue in the face or the neck
  • Patients who are hypersensitive to the thread material
  • Patients who have infections or acute inflammations in the skin regions to be treated (acne, herpes, etc.)
  • Patients suffering from an autoimmune disease and/or receiving immune therapies
  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • Patients with a tendency to form hypertrophic scars
  • Patients below the age of 18


adverse effects

Side effects are rare if the threads are placed professionally and your own specially trained cosmetic doctor will make every effort to get optimal results. The probability of a complication may nevertheless not be excluded so that we can guarantee our efforts for a good result, but never a 100% certainty of success or failure of unwanted effects.

Some general reactions after treatment with PDO-threads occur as because of the injections them selves, such as swelling, redness, and tenderness around the injection site. These effects usually disappear spontaneously within 1-10 days after treatment and can be reduced by starting prior to treatment with Arnica D6 tablets. A small blood vessel sometimes hit during injection, can cause a small bruise. Such a small bruise disappears after a few days, you can resume your daily activities almost immediately after the treatment.


After filling out a health questionnaire and making a color picture of the area to be treated, after desinfection of the skin the threads are placed subcutaneously with one thin needle each. Once the thread is inserted, the needle is removed and the thread remains under the skin. Before the treatment it is possible to apply an anaesthetic (xylocaine/procaine) gel to reduce your discomfort.

An indication of the necessary amount of needles / threads is:

needles thread lift

Double chin
Upper lip
Cheek lift
Nasolabial fold
Crow’s feet
Under eye lid
10 monosor screw
2-4 cogs
4-5 monos
2-6 monos, cogsor screws
10-20 screws
10 monos
10 monos
10-20 monos or screws
10 monos or screws or 2-4 cogs
3-5 cogs or screws

During the first interview will be determined how many threads are recommended in your case. The initial costs range from € 260 for the forehead or lower eyelids or  €400 for a cheek lift or double chin. A jaw lift starts at €480. The best results are achieved by application of a good combination of threads (an average corrective treatment requires at least 20 to 30 threads of different types). For prices click here.


after the treatment

Immediately after treatment you must stay away for 24 hours from exercising, pressure, and consuming alcohol. Avoiding too much UV light (direct sunlight or sunlamps) is also recommended in the first days. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor after treatment if you see effects of the PDO-threads that you were not expecting. After the treatment you will be provided with a written instruction what to do and what you can expect.



Your initial consultation is completely free and without obligation. A follow-up appointment without treatment is € 40.
For all current prices click here.



You can pay pre-treatment by debit card (Maestro or V Pay), with a credit card (American Express, VISA or MasterCard) or cash in exchange for a receipt.