Stylage is a new hyaluronic acid with antioxidant, which is distinct from other hyaluronic acids by the addition of Mannitol that causes radicals, released from the injection under the skin, are neutralized. As a result less swelling and redness occur, and in the second place the degradation of the injected material takes place more slowly, so you have more benefit of the treatment .
Stylage® is biocompatible , so you have no chance of an allergic reaction . Because it is biodegradable, it is perfect for your ever -changing beauty needs for your face.


In Stylage® hyaluronic acid molecules are cross-linked in a special way . This allows for:

  • Optimal density and long-term impact
  • It may be injected through a fine needle , which reduces (in combination with the mannitol) the injection trauma and your recovery time to the minimum.
  • the thickness of the product is adapted to the depth of the wrinkle . Stylage XXL example, gives most of the volume and elasticity
  • It contains no animal or human derived components .
  • Stylage® is a substance that is present in human tissue by nature.

Stylage® does not take away the underlying cause of the formation of a wrinkle , but does help to improve your appearance by adding filling material under the skin in the treated areas.


Stylage® has several compounds , each of them with its own preferences of application, as an example :

  •  Lines and wrinkles

    With Stylage®-S very superficial wrinkles such as near the eyes or on the upper lip can be made less visible

Before and after a treatment with a Stylage® filler (Bo-Medical)


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Side effects are rare if Stylage® is administered properly and your specially trained doctor will put everything in its power to get optimal results. Nevertheless, the risk of a complication can never be ruled out so we can guarantee our efforts for a good result but never a 100% guarantee of success or absence of unwanted effects .
After a treatment with Stylage® some general reactions to injections can occur , such as swelling, redness, tenderness and sometimes discolouration around the injection site , although this will be minimal. By the addition of Mannitol these effects usually disappear spontaneously within 1-10 days after treatment and can be reduced by cooling after treatment ( you will receive a free cooling pack if desired ) . Sometimes a small blood vessel is hit during injection thus causing a small bruise. Such a small bruise disappears after a few days and can be camouflaged easily with a good covering make- up foundation. In the majority of the cases you can resume your daily activities almost immediately after treatment .
Stylage® has no animal ingredients, so there is no risk of the occurrence of an allergic reaction . Your doctor will make every effort to achieve the best possible result, but the likelihood and nature of any complications can not be provided, so no guarantee can be given on the success or outcome of the treatment.


The accompanying table gives you an overview of all Stylage ® products and the period in which they have effect .




After filling out a health questionnaire and making a colour photograph of the face after skin desinfection the filler will be injected under the skin with a very thin needle . In general local anesthesia may not be needed : you feel only a prick as the needle enters the skin .

After the treatment

Immediately after the treatment you have to avoid during 24 hours pressure on the treated area, extreme facial muscle movements and drinking of alcohol. Also stay away from to much UV-light. Don’t hesitate to consult your cosmetic doctor after the treatment if you see unexpected effects of the Stylage®.


Your initial consultation is completely free and without obligation. A follow-up appointment without treatment is € 40.

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Preceding the treatment you can pay with a debit card (Maestro or V Pay, the replacement for the old PIN card), with a credit card (American Express, VISA or Master Card) or in cash to receive an invoice.