RRS® HA Eyes

is a skin booster for around the eyes that reduces puffiness in the area, dark circles and fine lines and improves the eye contour.

RRS HA serum

The active ingredients consist mainly of substances that help drain fluid

(via the lymphatic drainage as well as the diuretic system), antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that repair, fill, feed and have a ‘whitening’ effect by suppressing pigmentation .

RRS® HA Eyes is applied by means of ‘microneedling’; superficial injections into the skin.

Treatment protocol

  • 1 session per 10-14 days
  • Average 4-6 sessions
  • Maintenance: repeat protocol after 6-8 months


Supporting product for home use (supplied for free the first time!)

AD Daily Care Eyes serum is an active serum for the eyelids that reduces the visible signs of skin aging around the eyes. It softens and beautifies the face of the eye contours and promotes the elasticity of the skin. AD Daily Care


Eyes reduces the external signs of dark and / or swollen bags under the eyes. AD Daily Care Eyes is quickly absorbed, has a pleasant smell and is not sticky.

Active operation:

By using the AD Daily Care Eyes eye serum twice a day, the result and durability of the treatment are supported.

  • A strong antioxidant protection due to high concentrations of (among others) vitamin C, Resveratrol and Vitis Vinifera.
  • “Whitening effect” by melanin inhibitors, tyrosinase inhibitors and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as vitamin C, citrus, peptides, aesculus and melilot.
    (Package contents: 15 ml.)


Results (with courtesy of Skin Tech):