Review about Dr Starrenburg from Rimpelconsult:

In his wonderful practice, in the heart of the city, people feel at ease. This amiable physician takes the time for his client and takes his problems seriously: so do not immediately ‘do’ and just do it etc., as is sometimes the case with other doctors. A lot is possible but he also indicates honestly, if he thinks that a certain treatment is not so appropriate in your case.

A very experienced physician, not only with regard to female physiognomy, but with ‘men’s heads’ he can also do something, of which deed: I always thought that my round head was ‘feminine’; by working with fillers in chin and jaws I now have a somewhat more robust appearance: great! This man is therefore a true esthete, an artist as far as I am concerned.

I am also more than satisfied with the ‘anti-aging’ (filling up wrinkles as well as the ‘denting’ of one and the other). When I say that I am really over sixty already, one falls from the proverbial chair. In addition: reasonable rates (sometimes special discount offers), wide opening hours (during the week even in the evening!): Really a must.

I have been coming to this address for a couple of years now, reason to put the man in the limelight once and for all. Every time I go out the door, I do it with a clean mind: I hope to keep it busy for a while!

A very satisfied customer.


I am very pleased and content with the results of a complete facial treatment with
PDO-threads and it is to be advised in stead of a surgicalfacelift. If you are in doubt no facelift, but PDO-threads! The eyebrow lift is a little bit sensititve in the beginning, but that fades away after a couple of days. My doctor helps you in a pleasant way and takes all the time you need, thus giving you a feeling of reliablility and familarity.
J.J. in L..

Lip augmentation in a very natural way.

Dr. Starrenburg has much experience with filling lips in a way that you look better without people asking you if you have had a lip job. I advised my friend to visit him as well.


My experience with lipolysis:

“You sport, you watch your line, you’re fit, but that one spot, that spot remains. Then a woman of today looks for an appropriate remedy: accessible and fast. The offering in a city like Amsterdam is so great that ultimately the nature of the physician arrives. Doctor Starrenburg makes the difference for me. Not only does he thinks with you, but during the process he holds your proverbial “hand”. The treatment itself is an invention and the practical experience on this one absolutely advisable”



My experience with Dr. Starrenburg is very good.

“I visit him for my Botox treatment for my crows feet and / or laugh-muscles just under my eyes. He has always time for me and if I am not quite satisfied or just want to have him take a look at the result (usually I send him the pictures I made myself) I always get a quick and clear answer. So I am highly content with his treatments ├índ about his service level.

E.J. in Amsterdam

BeforeAfter 1st treatment

E-mail July 2010:

“Just letting you know your client (..) has moved permanently back to Melbourne Australia. I am doing better than years and want to thank you for by far being the best ‘Botox doctor’ I have been to. Not only for the great results but also for your wonderfully open and friendly personality.

I would be to lucky to find anybody as fantastic as you in Australia but hold out hope.

Truly “dank u wel” for making it a happier experience to look in the mirror, it means a lot and I hope you know what a difference you make in our lives.”

J.E. in Diemen

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