How do necklines develop?

Horizontal necklines are probably the most stubborn cosmetic problems when it comes to the neck.  They develop as a result of the skin losing tension in combination with hereditary factors. Of course excessive sun tanning has also a negative effect as well as smoking.

What can we do about it?

Those who want to be treated can make an appointment for a free consultation. The cosmetic doctor will evaluate the possibilities with you to see what product gives the best result for you.

Almost always this will be a treatment with a filler or PDO-threads. Often in combination with each other.

What can Rimpelconsult offer you for the treatment of the horizontal necklines?

• More than 20 years of experience in Botox and fillers
• Top quality for affordable prices; 1st consultation free
• Only use of safe products
• Natural result through step-by-step building-up
• You call and mail and only consult with your own NVCG- and KNMG-certified doctor
• Appointment within two days, no waiting time
• Open in the afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
• Maximum privacy; no waiting room, so you are always alone in the practice


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You can pay with a debit card (Maestro or V Pay, the successors of the old PIN card), with a credit card (American Express / VISA or MasterCard) or in cash against receipt of a receipt.