Skin Rejuvenation by Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment technique, originally developed by Michel Pistor, where the administration of a compound upon or into the skin produces a better blood flow.

mesotherapy by michel pistor

Dr. M. Pistor

This will enhance a restorative and ameliorative effect of the tissue underneath the skin.


We distinguish two treatments with different techniques, based on Mesotherapy:


    1. The first one is the classic form where Hyaluronic acid, in combination with minerals and amino acids is used. The availability of more modern techniques has made this form increasingly obsolete and it has been replaced by:

    3. the second one is the state-of-the-art PRP-treatment that stimulates the skin directly to hydrate, to produce the missing compounds it self and hence makes the skin healthier from the inside. If you want an even better result you can add a hyaluronic acid to it.
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