Happy Lift threads

(Thread lift-extra)

Ageing and your appearance? We cannot stop time. But we can slow down the process!

Around our 30th year of life, we begin to become ageing visibly. Our young attractive appearance begins to fadeaway. Until that age the high cheekbones, full cheeks, smooth skin and taut jawline give the face a shape that is wider at the top. This is called the beauty triangle or heart-shape. Everything looks sturdy and full of volume.

With ageing our face starts loses sight of volume. The skin slackens and your face will look differently. The jaw line is softer, you have flatter cheeks, wrinkles form all over your head and de corners of the the mouth go down. This makes you look older: the beauty triangle reverses: the wider area of the face is now at the bottom.

A thread lift treatment can rejuvenate your appearance slightly. This treatment can provide a tightening and lifting of the skin. In short, a rejuvenation of the face without the need of a major facelift surgery.

What is a thread lift?

This is a new, innovative technology to rejuvenate the face or neck for example. The material consists of biodegradable filaments that for many years are used as soluble sutures within the surgery. During treatment, these threads are placed in the deeper layer of the skin. They attach themselves firmly in the subcutaneous tissue and provide a tension in the desired direction. As a result, the subcutaneous tissue and the skin are somewhat stretched. This process is supported after a few days by the natural production of collagen around the suture. This material provides the natural firmness and elasticity of the skin, causing the desired lifting effect.


In comparison with the facelift has a thrad lift quite a few advantages. It provides low stress because the treatment is much simpler. The physician does not need to make an incision in the skin. Therefore there are no visible scars and healing goes faster. There is much less risk of pain and inflammation. Immediately after the treatment you already will see  andvisible results. A result that is optimal after six weeks. And the annoyance of crow’s feet, cheek folds, marionette lines hanging cheeks belong to the past for quite some time.

Which body parts can be treated?

This method is suitable for many parts of the face (cheeks, jaw line, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, forehead and laugh lines) but also for the neck, the upper chest, upper arms, buttocks and abdomen.


The effects of the happy lift threads will first be visible after 6-8 weeks and continue for at least 12-24 months, depending on your metabolism, lifestyle and the condition your skin. Sometimes it can strengthen the skin-improving effect by a simple touch-up treatment, in the period between two complete sessions.


For an example video (thanks to Croma and Dr. Accardo) of a brow lift click on the image. The treatment looks rather violent, but is almost painless thanks to the applied anaesthesia and without bruises, although the video suggests otherwise:

happy lift videoClick on the picture for the video


Look here for the general risks of cosmetic treatment.
No other specific risks if skillfully applied.


Happylift threads are not suitable for patients:

  • expecting a really big lift
  • with a strong sagging skin
  • with a greatly reduced amount of adipose tissue in the face or neck
  • with hypersensitivity to suture material
  • with a current or recent infection in the area to be treated (acne, herpes, etc.)
  • with an autoimmune disease or with an immune suppressive therapy
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • which react rapidly with scar formation
  • younger than 18 years.

side effects

Side effects are rare if the threads are placed professionally and your own specially trained cosmetic doctor will do anything to obtain optimum results. The chances, however, that a complication occurs, never can be ruled out, so we do guarantee our effort for a good result, but never promise 100% guarantee of success or failure, or adverse effects.

A number of general reactions after treatment with Happylift-wires arise as a result of the injections themselves, such as swelling, redness and tenderness around the injection site. These effects usually disappear spontaneously within 1-10 days after the treatment, and can be reduced by beginning prior to treatment with Arnica D6 tablets. A small blood vessel sometimes is touched during the injection and then gives a small bruise. Such a spot disappears after a few days. In general, you can almost immediately resume your daily activities after treatment.


After filling out a health questionnaire and making a colour picture the to be treated area will be covered with sterile drapes in order to reduce as much as possible the chance of an infection. Then the skin is disinfected and you will be injected an anaesthetic. After that the soluble Happy lift threads are placed under the skin with one or more needles for each separate thread. Once the wire is placed, the needle is removed and the thread remains under the skin.

There are several types of Happy lift wires

The most used ones are:

  • free floating: carried outwith  a thread through a hollow needle inserted under the skin with an initial opening and an end opening (especially in the cheek and in the neck).
  • double needle: carried out with a fixed needle, half of the wire inserted in one direction and also placed back again via the exit-openingcreating a fixation in this way, after which the other half in the opposite direction is inserted in the same manner (especially for eyebrow, jaw line and double chin)

During the first interview will be determined what kind of threads in your case are recommended. The initial costs range from € 600 for a jaw line lift (with two double needle threads) to € 900 for a cheek lift or neck lift (with 6 free floating threads). The best results are achieved by application of a elaborated combination of threads and fillers. For prices click here.

after the treatment

Immediately after treatment you must stay away for 24 hours from exercising, pressure, and consuming alcohol. Avoiding too much UV light (direct sunlight or sunlamps) is also recommended in the first days. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor after treatment if you see effects of the PDO-threads that you were not expecting. After the treatment you will be provided with a written instruction what to do and what you can expect.


Your initial consultation is completely free and without obligation. A follow-up appointment without treatment is € 40.
For all current prices click here.


You can pay pre-treatment by debit card (Maestro or V Pay), with a credit card (American Express, VISA or MasterCard) or cash in exchange for a receipt.