Frown line


How does a frown line occur?

A frown line occurs because the muscles in the forehead are too active at the eyebrows and at the top of the nose. The wrinkle is caused by certain facial expressions. Frowning is something we all do subconsciously several times a day. For example if we look angry, if we are very focused with something busy or if we close our eyes against bright (sun) light.
We usually frown completely unconsciously and that is the biggest reason why almost everyone starting at a certain age suffers from frown lines.
The extent to which someone is bothered depends also on hereditary factors: you often see that if parents or other family members go through life with a frown, you yourself also develop a frown easier.
The annoying thing is that much frowning not only creates lines / wrinkles between the eyebrows, it can also lead to headaches or to a wrinkle, which remains visible even on relaxation.

What can we do about it?

Those who want to be treated can make an appointment for a free consultation. The cosmetic doctor will evaluate with you to see what the best result can be.
Almost always this will be a treatment with a botuline A toxin such as Botox or Vistabel (we have the best experience and you get as good a result as with products like Azzalure, Xeomin or Dysport)

For more information about the effects and properties of Botox, please visit this page.

What can Rimpelconsult offer you for the treatment of the frown line ?

• More than 20 years of experience in Botox and fillers
• Top quality for affordable prices; 1st consultation free
• Only use safe products
• Natural result through step-by-step construction
• You call and mail and only consult with your own NVCG- and KNMG-certified doctor
• Appointment within two days, no waiting time
• Also open in the evening and during the day at the weekend
• Maximum privacy; no waiting room, so you are always alone in the practice


The price of the first consultation is free; for a follow-up appointment without treatment you pay € 40.
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You can pay with a debit card (Maestro or V Pay, the successors of the old PIN card), with a credit card (American Express / VISA or MasterCard) or in cash against receipt of a receipt.