Eyebrow lift without surgery

Hanging eyebrows can make you look tired or angry, and you don’t feel tired or angry. Hanging eyebrows can also cause a heavy feeling or headache because you are continuously raising your eyebrows yourself. This can be remedied very well with a simple injectable treatment with Botox, a filler or PDO threads.

treatment with Botox or Vistabel

This injectable contains botulinum toxin, which has a muscle relaxant effect. By injecting in the right places around the eyebrow, we can relax the functioning of certain muscles. This way we provide a lifting effect, which makes your eyebrows rise slightly. The result is a fresher, opened look.

Some people also have asymmetry of the eyebrows. When you relax your face, one eyebrow will be slightly higher than the other. It may also be that you talk a lot with your eyebrows and continuously raise them, causing wrinkles on the forehead. In many cases this can be solved easily with this eyebrow treatment.

The effect of this Botox treatment is temporary and lasts approximately 3 to 4 months. This makes it a very safe treatment. The costs are around € 120, depending on how much you need.

treatment with a filler

An alternative is to inject a temporary filler into the eyebrow or at the hairline, which tightens the skin and gives the eyebrow a slight lift.

The price for this is between € 300 and € 450 depending on the chosen filler and the effect will then remain visible between 12 and 24 months.

treatment with PDO threads

If you don’t want Botox or filler, you can also opt for soluble threads, of which 10 are applied to achieve a lifting effect. This also lasts for 1-2 years after the results become visible (after about 6-8 weeks, once the collagen formation has taken effect). The costs for this are € 290.

who does the treatment?

At Rimpelconsult, the treatment is carried out by an experienced and specialized cosmetic doctor, so that you receive a safe treatment.

If you want a more permanent effect, you will have to look for a practice with a plastic surgeon, because then surgery is the only solution. Unfortunately, Rimpelconsult cannot offer you that.