Experienced Cosmetic Doctor in Amsterdam

Your skin is a valuable asset. Therefore, this area should be handled carefully and with knowledge. The more than 20 years experience cosmetic doctor Dr. Pieter Starrenburg offers is entirely in your favor. You get the best possible advice with the most natural result. Want to know which fillers for your eyes, mouth or in the rest of your face, such as volume improvement can help you? Then you just come to the right website. Pieter Starrenburg will be happy to soften the signs of aging. So for an experienced cosmetic doctor Amsterdam, you have Rimpelconsult to the right place.

Enter your volume loss

The replenishing of volume loss in the face can be obtained in two ways. Would you like to see immediate results? Then you can opt for Radiesse or hyaluronic acid. More information can be read under the heading ‘Injectables‘. If you want a not immediately visible, but a longer lasting result, choose PDO-threads, PRP or Sculptra. These stimulate the fibroblasts that provide for the renewal of your body’s own collagen. The first impact you will see after 6 to 8 weeks. Eventually, you can enjoy a very smooth natural effect with a long-lasting effect of up to eighteen months.

Rimpelconsult: your experienced cosmetic doctor in Amsterdam

The private practice is located in a canal house in downtown Amsterdam. All treatments take place in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, in a specially equipped speaking and treatment facility. Naturally, all the (sterile) professional materials and tools available here. Rimpelconsult offers non-surgical treatments for:

  • Skin improvement
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Reducing excessive sweating.

Dr. Pieter Starrenburg performs the above treatments with over 20 years experience, through Botox®, fillers, PRP, PDO and Happy lift Wires (lift effect) TCA peel or hyaluronic acid. In an assessment interview we assess exclusively the possibilities for you, both in terms of results and used materials.

All the benefits of Rimpelconsult

Previous clients were always very pleased that Pieter Starrenburg has no waiting room. This prevents one can encounter an acquaintance. In addition, all calls and questions are answered by Pieter Starrenburg self. There really is time for you and that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, you never have to wait, because the treatments never run out. And if you like to make an appointment at the weekend or want one in the evenings? That’s no problem! The private practice is open from Monday to Thursday in the evenings until 21 o’clock and on weekends until 17 pm.

Request more information!

Are you looking for a cosmetic doctor in Amsterdam? Ask for more information by calling 020 423 13 03 or by sending an email to info@rimpelconsult.nl. Alternatively, in the margin fill the form under the “Make Appointment” button. Pieter Starrenburg stated be happy to help! Would you like to be informed about the latest developments, innovations or discounts (for our regular pricing click here) ? Then subscribe to our newsletter! Rimpelconsult: cosmetic medical advice and treatment.