Drooping mouth corners

(marionet lines)


How do drooping mouth corners start to develop?

Drooping mouth corners is a process that starts very gradual from the age of 35. Then it becomes visible that the skin is weakening and that subcutaneous fat corpuscles, which are located in the cheeks aside the mouth, gradually decrease in size and lose volume. In addition, the bone structure and volume also changes, with – in combination with gravity – moves the skin downward. Marionette lines are born.

What can we do about it?

Those who want to be treated best can make an appointment for a free consultation. The cosmetic doctor will work with you to see what the best result can be.
Almost always this will be a treatment with Botox. In your face there is a muscle that pulls down the corner of your mouth thus giving you a dissatisfied or disapproving appearance. Another option is the insertion of PDO-threads or the placement of a filler.

What can Rimpelconsult offer you for the treatment of the drooping mouthcorners?

  • More than 20 years of experience in Botox and fillers
    • Top quality for affordable prices; 1st consultation free
    • Only use of safe products
    • Natural result through step-by-step construction
    • You call and mail and only consult with your own NVCG- and KNMG-certified doctor
    • Appointment within two days, no waiting time
    • Also open in the evening and during the day at the weekend
    • Maximum privacy; no waiting room, so you are always alone in the practice


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