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A cosmetic treatment Amsterdam takes place in an informal atmosphere in a canal house in a specially equipped treatment office. (location information). Naturally all the (sterile) professional materials and tools there.  During the first consultation , in addition to this general information also a customized advice will be given.

For a consultation appointments can be made from Monday to Thursday between 12.00 and 21.00 hours; Friday to Sunday from 13.00 to 17.00 hours. Usually you can make your appointment within a week.

Rimpelconsult has NO waiting room. All events are well planned so you never have to wait! It also provides maximum privacy, you’re always the only customer in the practice.


In an introductory meeting the possibilities are assessed, both in terms of results and materials used. You are told what results to expect, how soon to be reached, how long the effects may continue and any potential side effects or after-effects. Furthermore you will receive a form with a description of the main properties of the product and used techniques as an informed consent for your signature. You will also receive a list of questions about your health to fill out. Thus can be determined whether there are medical objections regarding the proposed treatment or not.


After filling out the health questionnaire you will have your picture taken, the skin will be disinfected, and the product will be injected under the skin or in the lips with a very thin needle. For very sensitive areas like the upper lip a local anesthetic can be applied, but in most other locations this will even not be necessary. The only thing you’ll feel is a slight sting when the needle enters the skin. We start carefully and prudently with the amount injected, which sometimes leads to a second visit (free of charge) to complete the treatment. Thus overcompensation will be avoided, which reduces the possibility of an unwanted result.

When is a cosmetic treatment not advisable?

For all treatments it is a rule that treatment is not allowed if you are younger than 18, preferably, you must be over 21 years due to the maturity of your body.

Furthermore, you do not get treatment if you are familiar with:

  • not well regulated metabolic diseases (diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc)
  • autoimmune disease;
  • blood disorders (coagulation disorders, chronic infections)
  • certain medication (anticoagulation, aspirin, corticosteroids)
  • some psychological problems
  • inflammation in the treatment area
  • previous use of some permanent fillers (eg bio-alcamid)
  • desire of pregnancy, pregnancy or lactation

In exceptional cases, it may sometimes be considered to have a treatment for purely medical reasons. Please consult in advance your general practitioner.

Possible risks and downtime.

With every wrinkle treatment, there is a very small risk of infection or an allergic reaction. In synthetic hyaluronic the chance of an allergic reaction is very low. In some cases there may develop an infection that is well treatable with antibiotics. Sometimes shortly after injecting small tactile lumbs occur. The reason for the development of these lumbs is not well known yet. Such irregularities are almost always short-lived and disappear after a few days or weeks itself. A specific after-treatment is not necessary. Very occasionally during filling a blood vessel is touched and causes a blue extravasation of blood (blue spot). It disappears within a week. A possible local swelling and irritation (redness) can be limited by cooling and disappears without sequelae.
In most cases you can resume your normal activities the same day or the day after the treatment.


To reduce the risk of swelling or blue spots (bruising) you can start with Arnica D6 the day before the treatment. Your doctor will inform you further if desired.
During a period of 24 hours before the treatment you should avoid aspirin or other blood-thinning medication (unless prescribed by your physician) and no more than two glasses of alcohol consumed. Immediately after treatment you should not put pressure on the treated sites for another 24 hours, avoid extreme facial muscle activity and stay away from more than one or two units alcohol. Too much UV light (direct sunlight or sunlamps) and intensive sport with excessive sweating in the first two days after treatment is also not recommended.

Information about doctor Starrenburg

your doctorDrs. Pieter Starrenburg  graduated as doctor from the University of Groningen in 1976 (BIG registration: 99024061301). After training and registration to a company doctor, he worked for several companies where the control of the effects of substances used in those businesses on the skin formed an important part. In addition, around 1997 he mastered in treating wrinkles with injectable fillers and toxines to reduce dynamic wrinkles.

He had his training in Nice (France) by the then President of the Société des Médecins Esthétics de la France, docteur Alain Delepierre. Since then he treats people in a specially equipped medical practice or a beauty salon. By following regularly training courses and conferences about each product, he keeps his knowledge and applied treatment techniques to the required high level. Thus you can be assured of a consistent high quality.

This quality is further assured by the membership of the NVCG (Dutch Association of Cosmetic medicine), which through peer reviews and peer consultation maintains knowledge and skills, for a period over 20 years.


For directions how to reach Rimpelconsult, visit the contact page.


The cost of a treatment depends strongly on the number of wrinkles to be treated and the type and quantity of materials used. One indication: the most simple treatment will cost around € 160, -.

For a quote (which is the best solution in your situation and how much does that cost approximately) you can make an appointment for an initial consultation (free of charge, however each following consultation is € 40). You can reach us as follows: by telephone: 020-4231303 or e-mail: More info on the contact page.

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Preceding the treatment you can pay with a debit card (Maestro or V Pay, the replacement for the old PIN card), with a credit card (American Express, VISA or Master Card) or in cash to receive an invoice.