Cosmetic practice Amsterdam

What can this cosmetic practice in Amsterdam do for you?

In the cosmetic practice Amsterdam your treatment takes place in an informal atmosphere in a canal house in a specially equipped treatment office. (location information).

cosmetic treatment amsterdam

Naturally all the (sterile) professional materials and tools there.  During the first consultation , in addition to this general information also a customized advice will be given.

For a consultation appointments can be made from Monday to Thursday between 12.00 and 21.00 hours; Friday to Sunday from 13.00 to 17.00 hours. Usually you can make your appointment within a week.

Rimpelconsult has NO waiting room. All events are well planned so you never have to wait! It also provides maximum privacy, you’re always the only patient in the practice.


In an introductory meeting the possibilities are assessed, both in terms of results and materials used. You are told what results to expect, how soon to be reached, how long the effects may continue and any potential side effects or after-effects. Furthermore you will receive a form with a description of the main properties of the product and used techniques as an informed consent for your signature. You will also receive a list of questions about your health to fill out. Thus can be determined whether there are medical objections regarding the proposed treatment or not.

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