Have a complaint?

The law “quality, complaints and disputes care” (Wkkgz) requires healthcare providers – which includes a cosmetic practice – to monitor and improve their own quality control. The law ensures that patients can rely on good care and a good, fast and accessible complaints and disputes procedure. The Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) monitors the compliance of any practice with the Wkkgz.vrouwe justitia

Complaints at Rimpelconsult.

At our operations, quality, good care and experience always comes first. Should nevertheless there be times when you are not satisfied with the care or support you received from us, the next steps are possible for you :

Discuss your complaint in the practice.
If you are unhappy with how you were treated, please first make an appointment with your doctor yourself. Maybe there is a misunderstanding; a good conversation canĀ solve the problem then. In the majority of cases, together we know how to find a solution to your satisfaction.

Complaint through an independent complaints organisation
If your complaint is not resolved after contacting the doctor? Then Rimpelconsult (in accordance with the aforementioned law Wkkgz) has a contract with an independent complaints organization, DOKh (Foundation Expertise and Support Quality) that you can contact on their (dutch) website www.dokh.nl. You will be assigned a complaint official , who further assists and accompanies you to examine what solutions are possible.