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Are you looking for a good private practice that can apply Botox in Amsterdam to you? You are at the right address at Rimpelconsult.

Our experienced cosmetic doctor Pieter Starrenburg offers you various options in the field of botox. Botox can be used for various reasons. You may immediately think of reducing wrinkles hearing this word, but that is not the only application. Botox can also provide a solution for excessive sweating, headache caused by tension and teeth grinding. We only use high-quality botox. You are therefore assured of the best results. You also enjoy your treatment for a longer period.

What types of botox in Amsterdam are there?

botoxIn our practice we use the Botox® / Vistabel® brands. These are brand names for the highly diluted Botulinum A toxin, which is injected directly into the muscle under the skin with a very thin needle. At our practice you get the original product of Allergan (botox as 100E vial and Vistabel as 50E vial) and you are sure of reliability and stability in terms of operation and quality. Your cosmetic doctor will determine which type is most suitable for you and the desired result. With us quality and safety are of paramount importance. We therefore only use these reliable and well-known brands.

Botox or Bocouture is used for four applications in our practice:

– Excessive sweating (perspiration)

Do you suffer from excessive sweating (perspiration)? Then botox in Amsterdam can be a good solution. The botox is then applied to the places where you suffer a lot of sweat. Often these are the armpits, the feet or the palms. Because of the botox, the sweat glands are made less active, so they produce less sweat. You do not have to worry any more about dark spots in your clothes or a heated feeling. Instead, you will feel fresh, dry and clean longer. On this separate page the application in the face is discussed. For the treatment of armpits, palms or soles due to excessive sweating (perspiration), click here.

– Headache and migraine

Headaches and migraines are annoying symptoms that can last for a long time. Especially migraines can cause severe attacks of pain. You may therefore not be able to work or perform daily tasks. Botox in Amsterdam can offer a solution for these nasty complaints. It has been discovered that as a side effect of botulin treatment, some people report a reduction in their headache or migraine complaints. This is probably because botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles. Headache can arise because you unconsciously tighten the muscles in your face and on your skull. This can be done by, for example, stress and stress. If the muscles are less tense, the headache may decrease.
Ask your health insurer in advance if they will reimburse this treatment on presentation of our invoice!

– Wrinkles

The disadvantage of aging is that more and more wrinkles are slowly developing. The skin loses elasticity. Other points also have a negative effect on the skin, such as the sun, smoking and stress. Your facial expression also causes certain wrinkles. For example, if you frown a lot, you will experience a frown wrinkle sooner.

Before and after Botox treatment

Botox before treatment Botox after treatment

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A lot of laughter causes wrinkles around the mouth and crow’s feet around the eyes. These wrinkles will become increasingly deeper over time. This damage is irreversible, but botox in Amsterdam can reduce and prevent the wrinkles. Botulinum A toxine is injected directly into the facial muscle. This weakens the relevant muscle and reduces the tension in the skin. However, the natural facial expressions remain intact. Because the muscles are not always tightened, the skin stays flatter. This reduces the formation of new wrinkles.
The areas that qualify for treatment are the wrinkles caused by activity of the facial muscles, such as forehead folds, the crow’s feet and in rare cases the folds between lower lip and chin and in the neck. Repetition of the injections is usually necessary at the beginning and can take place with a minimum interval of three months.
By regularly undergoing a new treatment you get the best result. It also prevents the treated wrinkles from appearing again quickly.

– Teeth grinding or jaw clamp (bruxism)

Teeth grinding (bruxism) means that when you are sleeping your jaws firmly clamp together and your teeth and teeth are pushed over each other. This not only causes damage to the teeth, but also pain complaints. During the grinding of your teeth your chewing muscles are tightened, to wake you up with cramp in your jaw muscles or in the other muscles in your face. To prevent serious damage to your teeth, you can have Botox in Amsterdam injected. The botox makes the jaw muscles slightly less powerful, so that the teeth grinding is reduced. For more information about tooth grinding and botox, please visit this separate page.

What are the benefits of botox in Amsterdam?

Using botox in Amsterdam has several advantages. Most people think at the word ‘botox’ to reduce wrinkles for a beautiful smooth and youthful face. Botox is indeed a very good solution for both fine and deep wrinkles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to maintain a tight skin. Even if you take good care of your skin, wrinkles will eventually develop. This is because the skin ages, can renew less quickly and because the elasticity decreases.

Botox frown before Botox frown after

Before             After

(with courtesy of Allergan)

Having Botox applied in Amsterdam is a quick and easy way to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes. After one treatment you will already see a clear difference. For the best results, come back regularly for the botox to work.

It is better to always apply small quantities so that we can achieve exactly the desired effect. Botox can always be added, but removing too much is not possible. Our cosmetic doctor listens carefully to your wishes in order to achieve the result that you have in mind.
Botox in Amsterdam can also be used to reduce pain. The means ensures that muscles are temporarily paralyzed. Do you have physical complaints such as headaches due to tension? Botox can also offer relief. You are probably sparing your facial muscles unnoticed. By using botox, the temporarily treated muscles relax. You can no longer contract the muscles unconsciously, so that your headaches can also become less.

Result of botox in Amsterdam

The treatment only gives effect after 5-7 days. Because we are very careful with the amount of Botulinum toxin injected the first time, you may not be completely satisfied with the first result. We want to prevent that we inject too much botox in one go. It takes a while before botox disappears completely from the body.

If we use too much botox during the first treatment and you are not satisfied with the result, then you will suffer from it for several months. It is better to proceed carefully so that we can slowly build up the amount of botox until the desired effect is achieved. This also gives you time to get used to your new appearance. You then have 10 days to view the result. You can indicate what you thought of the result at the check-up appointment. This way we know exactly what you expect from the botox after a few treatments. If you come to the inspection appointment within 10 days after the first treatment, the cosmetic doctor can also assess whether an extra amount is needed. If that is the case, you obviously will not pay anything extra! Thanks to this service you are assured of the desired result. You will also not incur unexpected costs. The duration of the effect fluctuates strongly per individual, but takes an average of 4 to 8 months (after the first time sometimes a bit shorter). The effect of Botulinum A toxin is not permanent, but in practice it appears that the time between follow-up treatments can become longer and longer, so that the effect can be called more or less permanent with sufficient maintenance.
If Botox is administered in an expert manner, this will not interfere with any subsequent surgical or laser treatment.

Risk and recovery period

Botox is an extraordinarily safe medicine (it is advisable not to apply it during pregnancy or lactation). Side effects are rare with judicious use. After the injection, a small bump with redness of the skin is visible and this will disappear within a few hours. Sometimes a blood vessel is hit when pricking and a small blood discharge can occur. This disappears with a few days and can usually be camouflaged with a good foundation.
Sometimes temporary headaches develop after the treatment. An extremely rare side effect is a temporary elimination of the muscles that lift the eyelid, resulting in a temporarily drooping eyelid. However, this always recovers.
Depending on the possible side effects and the possibility to apply make-up, you can resume your normal activities from the start immediately after the treatment until 12 hours after the treatment. Would you like to know more about the side effects of botox and the follow-up treatment? Our cosmetic doctor will tell you everything during a consultation. Of course you can also ask questions if something is not entirely clear.


After completing a health questionnaire, making a color photo of the face and after disinfecting the skin, the injection sites are marked and guided by these marks the botox is injected into the muscle with a very thin needle. Anesthesia is not necessary for this, you only feel a prick when the needle enters the skin.
Immediately after the treatment, you should not apply pressure to the treated areas for 24 hours, do not engage in sweating activities (gym or tanning salon), do not extreme move your face (making grimaces), avoiding exposure to UV light, no aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) and do not consume more than one glass of alcohol.You will receive a leaflet on which this is written down once again.

Pay attention!

Botox treatments are sometimes offered at greatly reduced rates in various places. This does not always benefit the quality. For example, these practices may use lesser-known botox. It is also possible that the person who injects the botox has less experience. The chance of a failed treatment is therefore greater. It is possible that the treatment has not achieved the desired effect or that the effect is not visible for a long time. Rimpelconsult opts for quality of treatment and products and only works with the original Botox®, Vistabel® or Bocouture® according to the strength and quantity (dose) recommended by the producers Allergan and Merz Aesthetics. You therefore know for sure that the botox in Amsterdam is safe and you get no strange side effects. The quality of the treatment is also higher. A treatment therefore generally has the average duration of 3-6 months!

Rates for botox in Amsterdam

The first consultation is entirely free of obligation and free of charge. Are you not sure whether you want to have botox applied in Amsterdam? Then make an appointment for the first consultation. Our cosmetic doctor will be happy to advise you. He can also tell you everything about the possibilities for your desired treatment. Of course you can ask questions about the treatment. Based on the consultation you can determine whether applying Botox is a good solution for you. You can then immediately make an appointment for a treatment.
Every subsequent consultation without treatment costs € 40. For all current prices (also for the treatments), click here.


You can pay with a debit card (Maestro or V Pay, the successors of the old PIN card), with a credit card (American Express, VISA or MasterCard) or in cash against a payment receipt.

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