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Rimpelconsult has received a letter from our Inspectorate for Health Care (IGZ), which stated that the authorization for the use of Aqualyx, which has been allowed since 2014,  is suspended immediately until more information on the application is obtained.

In consultation with the Chairman of the NVCG (our professional organisation) our government is considering how and under what conditions the application can be approved again, as in our neighboring EU countries.

Of course I responded to this requirement and for the time being,  Aqualyx is no longer part of our treatment options.

Nevertheless I want to share with you that both my patients and I always have been very content with the results fo Aqualyx (and previously Lipostabil) and never met any complications. I am convinced that if administered correctly by an experienced doctor there are no more risks than any other injectable. But of course I leave the judgement of this to the authorities.

Once we have more information I will bring this back to you on the website and via a circular.

LATEST news:

After summertime we expect to have permission to use a new product, Belkyra, for double chin treatments