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Kaaklijn - Hals / Jawline - Neck

All your questions and phone calls will be answered by the same doctor who gives the treatment as well.

The reliable address for your medical cosmetic treatment & advice.

Rimpelconsult is certified by our professional organisation and ranks in the top-10 test of the dutch consumer organisation. 

The cosmetic doctor with whom you feel at home

Your cosmetic doctor Pieter Starrenburg offers you at Rimpelconsult, a unique private practice in the heart of Amsterdam, cosmetic treatments for reduction and prevention of wrinkles, skin improvement or excessive sweating. We do this through e.g. muscle relaxants, fillers, like hyaluronic acid (various brands) and skin improvement products (PRP, peels).

On this website you can learn more about our treatments and techniques. In this beautiful practice housing in a listed building, you are welcome weekly during afternoon and evening hours or in the weekends in the afternoon. We don’t know an appointment delay or waiting list. If you have questions or want to make an appointment, check out the contact page or click on the button on top and fill out the form.

  • More than 20 years of qualified experience
  • Top quality for affordable pricing
  • Natural result by multi-session technique
  • PRP expert

  • You phone and mail directly with your own doctor
  • Appointment within two days, no waiting time
  • Also open in the evenings and in the weekend
  • Maximal privacy; 1st consultation free


Latest news about treatments and products

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  • During this month, you can advantageously tighten your neck skin through PDO threads (click here for more information). ...

  • 20% discount Take somebody with you for any treatment (fillers, botox, PDO-threads, peeling) and both will receive a 20%...


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Lip augmentation in a very natural way.

Dr. Starrenburg has much experience with filling lips in a way that you look better without people asking you if you have had a lip job. I advised my friend to visit him as well.


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